Hi! I'm Steve

Medical Student + Design Nerd

You can see a small slice of my life below. Boiling my life down comes to this: my constant back and forth struggle between a passion in design and in medicine. I'm happily ticking away in medical school, finishing up in the near future, however I'm always looking to fit design into my life. I'm always willing to chat about medicine, design, or anything else so feel free to drop me an line at

Medicine v. Design

My Last 10 Years

1 '01 IA: Son of a Physician
2 '03 IA: To Dartmouth, Premed
3 '04 NH: Declare Genetics Major
4 '05 NH: Switch to Studio Art/Arch
5 '06 NH: Take MCAT, make it out alive
6 '07 NH: Fractically Apply for Jobs.
7 '07 MA: Hired at WIlson Architects
8 '08 MA: Laid off at Willson Arch
9 '08 MA: Start Web Freelancing
10 '08 MA: Accepted U. Iowa Med School
11 '08 IA: Beging Med School Courses
12 '09 IA: Finish M1 Year
13 '09 RI: Research/Freelancing
14 '09 IA,: Begin M2 Year
15 '10 IA: Studying for Step 1 Boards
16 '10 IA: Pass Boards, Begin M3 Year
17 '11 IA: Accept Wellstone Fellowship